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Multiple Uses:

Perfect for vehicles, boats, RVs,motorcycles, shower stalls, hot tubs, marble, glass and more.
Restores oxidized finishes.
Clear-Coat safe.
Dissolves tree sap, bird droppings and road film.
Outstanding polish for metal and chrome.


Easy On - Easy Off Application.
Non-Abrasive / Swirl-Free.
Finest Carnauba Wax with High-Tech Polymers.
6-Month Protection

Evershine Car Wax example

Over the past two years I have clay barred, Wolfgang polished and sealed, and tried about every product out there. I have boxes in my storage shed. No more! I have gotten more compliments than ever before using Evershine Wax, not to mention winning "Best Mopar" at my last car show. Give this stuff a try, you WILL not be disappointed. Jim Swift

Evershine Car Wax example

"never had anything better on my '57" Gary, Steptoe,Wa

Evershine Car Wax example

I've used many products in the past some give great results but are just dreadful to use,others easy to use but results are not as good. How you have achieved the easiest and best wax ever I don't know but keep doing it please! Chris